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  • 2018-5-11 9:21:19 | JYG blade dryer

    The hollow impeller dryer is a horizontal stirring dryer mainly based on heat conduction, and hollow hollow blades are arranged on the hollow shaft inside. Paddle dryer has been developed abroad for m… [More +]

  • 2018-5-11 9:21:19 | Evaluation of negative pressure bottom blown fluidized bed coating machine

    Abstract: on the basis of the concept of fluidized bed coating technology, the purpose of the analysis of the medicinal negative pressure bottom spray fluidized bed coating machine in Jia hair company… [More +]

  • 2018-5-11 9:20:48 | Melting shot peening

    The research and application of the melting granulation method are increasing in the field of feed additives. The structure point of the pelletizing material is that the material is dispersed in the l… [More +]

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