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Assistant: General Manager Assistant

From:Changzhou Jiafa Granulating Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.  Add Time:2018-5-11 9:21:19

Recruitment: Assistant General Manager

Changzhou jiaxa granulating drying equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise engaged in the research of preparation technology and equipment development. It is a member of the China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, the high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and the national key new product recommendation enterprise.

On the basis of "full mixing" fluidized drying granulation, our company has developed "regular flow", "fluidization", "bottom spray", "side spray" granulating, pellets, coating equipment, and has its patent and technical achievements.

From trial to process, from process to equipment selection, equipment design, manufacture and application, is the perfect performance of "Jia Fa" from beginning to end.

Post duties:

1, male priority, positive salary over 5000.

2, college or college degree or above;

3. More than 2 years of administrative secretarial work experience, mainly assisting the general manager in handling some daily affairs of general office, and familiar with the machinery and pharmaceutical equipment industry.

4, assist the Department to do other auxiliary services.

5, do a good job in the coordination of departments and other departments.

6. The work is organized, meticulous, conscientious, conscientious and rigorous.

7, can be proficient in the use of office software, strong language and writing skills, strong writing ability, with the general manager to drafting, writing, and improving some documents and systems, good writing, active thinking.

8, obey the command, and be able to develop together with the company.

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