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Changzhou Jia hair and Wuxi Zhengda contract signed a brief report

From:Changzhou Jiafa Granulating Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.  Add Time:2018-5-11 9:20:48

In March 18, 2018, Changzhou jiaxa granulating drying equipment Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Zhengda bio Limited by Share Ltd, formally signed the 700kg/h feed additive particle production line.

The contract was carried out in a number of months of process experiments and under repeated consultations by the district manager, which was a new breakthrough in the field of feed additives.

Up to now, Changzhou has been one of the following companies in the field of feed additives:

Guangdong Hai Na Chuan biological Polytron Technologies Inc 1000kg/h

Guangzhou 500kg/h biotech Co., Ltd.

Hunan long Sen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 100kg/h

Guangdong Ke run Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 1000kg/h

500kg/h, PepsiCo group, Germany

Shandong long Cote enzyme preparation Co., Ltd. 300kg/h

Beijing Hao Shi Wo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 500kg/h

Beijing Jun Tak co founded agriculture and animal husbandry Polytron Technologies Inc 500kg/h

Jiangsu Nong Nong tech Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 80kg/h

Beijing Ya Wo nutrition Hi Tech Co., Ltd. 500kg/h

Hunan 300kg/h Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Yuan Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. 300kg/h

Jiangxi Cheng Bixin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 300kg/h

Angel yeast Limited by Share Ltd 80kg/h

Guangzhou Chi TQI biological Polytron Technologies Inc 150kg/h

The company provides the automatic closed operation process, the technology is mature, for the feed additives manufacturing to reduce artificial, dust free production, easy cleaning, convenient operation, safety and process repeated stability and other advantages. The performance of the above series of contracts has had a lot of positive impact on the company's performance. The core competition of the company has been steadily improved, and it can continue to occupy and expand the market share in the equipment manufacturing field. We will do a good job in follow-up work, rationally integrate, use the company's resources, fulfill the contract content, and provide the best products and services for our customers.

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