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Melting shot peening

From:Changzhou Jiafa Granulating Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.  Add Time:2018-5-11 9:20:48

The research and application of the melting granulation method are increasing in the field of feed additives. The structure point of the pelletizing material is that the material is dispersed in the low melting point polymer material and is a continuous phase formed by the skeleton structure. Through the low melting point materials such as various kinds of wax, stearic acid, fat powder, Dan Gan fat, and other raw materials, it is heated and fused with other raw materials. Melt, then add medicine to stir, cooling spray pellets.

Its advantages: eliminating the tedious mixture - granulation - drying - coating technology. The operation is simple, the technology is strong, the process is repeated well, and the production cost is low. The content of the main drug is within 35%-50%.

The following problems should be paid attention to in melting granulation:

1. the melting point of low melting point material is preferably at 40 degree C-90 degrees C. The melting point is too low to cause particle deformation and affect the physical stability of particles. The temperature is too high to make the material overheated and accelerate the decomposition.

2. cooling rate, as far as possible to accelerate the solidification rate, to prevent adhesion between particles.

3. the smaller the viscosity of the melt, the less the amount of spray, and the faster the turntable is, the smaller the particle will be.

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