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JYG blade dryer

From:Changzhou Jiafa Granulating Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.  Add Time:2018-5-11 9:21:19

The hollow impeller dryer is a horizontal stirring dryer mainly based on heat conduction, and hollow hollow blades are arranged on the hollow shaft inside. Paddle dryer has been developed abroad for many years. This type of machine has developed two types of double axis and four axis, and a series of products of various specifications abroad. The blade dryer was first developed by Germany. After that, Japan introduced the technology and improved it. As the equipment is drying, the required heat is indirectly heated by heat conduction. Therefore, the drying process requires only a small amount of gas to take away the moisture, which greatly reduces the loss of the heat taken away by the gas and increases the utilization of the heat. And because of a small amount of gas, exhaust gas deodorization, deodorization and so on, greatly reducing the production cost.

The heat transfer surface of the wedge blade has self-cleaning function, and the material moves relative to the wedge surface to avoid the sticking of the wedge surface, thereby greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency.

The main features of the blade dryer are:

1. the material residence time can be adjusted in the tank, which can handle high water content materials and obtain extremely low final water content materials.

2. conduction drying mode, energy saving, large conductivity and high thermal efficiency.

3. wedge blade has self-cleaning function, no sticky material, two phase reverse rotation, alternately compressing material, expansion and stirring, heat transfer uniformity.

4. continuous production, full closed operation. Low operating strength, no dust flying.

The 5. row of wet air volume is smaller, which reduces the cost of dust removal and deodorization.

6. the loading coefficient can reach 80%, the wedge heat transfer surface is completely in the material, and the effective heating area is high.

7. material for column air flow, no axial feeding, uniform drying.

Suitable materials -- environmental protection industry: biochemical sludge, paper mill sludge, biochemical sludge, municipal sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, PTA sludge.

Feed industry: soybean meal, chicken bone feed, fish meal and feed additive.

Food industry: starch, cocoa beans, corn, salt, modified starch, medicine,

Petrochemical Industry: polyolefin powder, polyvinyl alcohol, polystyrene, acetate fiber.

Chemical industry: soda ash, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, kaolin, bentonite, white carbon black, calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate.

The following is a JYG-90m paddle dryer designed by Jia FA to Shanghai Festival source energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. Up to this day, the joint source company has been put into production.

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